Monster Busters


Combine colored monsters in order to beat the puzzle



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Monster Busters is a puzzle based on the successful Candy Crush game and in which you'll have to combine different colored monsters in order to eliminate them from the board.

It's one of the most successful Facebook games, played by over five million people, so you can compare your scores with those of your friends and try to beat them in every level.

This way, you'll have to keep on solving the different levels you reach by making the best combinations possible.

Just like the famous candy game, on Monster Busters you'll be able to create bombs using different monster combinations, only with this game you'll also get a very fun end of chapter match in which you have to kill the evil monster that opens the door to the next chapter by blowing up the tiles next to it.

It’s a very fun and entertaining game that will keep you hooked for hours on end
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